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Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Can Clean Your Record

Contact Florida criminal defense attorney if old criminal charges are holding you back in life. Your lawyer will to try and get old crimes erased off your record. Read on to learn more about your options.

Hiring Florida criminal defense attorney will fight for you is crucial. Most people who get accused of committing a crime never intended on breaking the law. The most common cases are simply good people making mistakes. People get caught drinking and driving, they get caught with drugs, the find themselves in heated arguments where wrongful actions were expressed all the time. Most small crimes are categorized as misdemeanours, but when you are represented improperly you can be charged and convicted of felony charges. When you have a criminal record, your life is compromised.

If you have a criminal record that shows felony charges, this will have adverse effects on your life. It will hurt your ability to secure gainful employment, as employers will judge your character based on the background check. Employers regularly perform background checks and immediately reject your application based on any sort of criminal record. This also hurts attempts to successfully apply for loans. Financial institutions will not approve of car loans, personal loans, or mortgages. You may also have trouble finding a place to live. Landlords may have strict policies that make it impossible for you to live where you choose. Even education institutions from universities to technical schools may reject your application based on a criminal record. A simple drug possession charge, a DUI, or other mistake you made could affect every aspect of your life.

The Florida criminal defense attorney can help you get your life back on track and clear your criminal record. With their help, you can explore your options of expunction or nondisclosure. Expunction is the legal term that has criminal charges erased from your records as if they never existed. It basically gives you a completely clean slate. Your records are completely cleared so you can fully move on with your life.

This is only available in a limited number of cases, so you can also explore nondisclosure. Non Disclosure means that your records are not erased, but they would not be available by public record. If you can successfully keep these records out of the public record, then no background check would be able to access them. With a nondisclosure, you would also be able to continue on with your life with no adverse effects. Your record would only be accessible to law enforcement and probably not even accessed unless another crime was committed.

You don’t have to have a small mistake you made affect your quality of life forever whether the incident happened in the recent or far past, talk to Florida criminal defense attorney about your options. Legal fees will most likely be minimal as they are mostly handled outside of a courtroom. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Can Guide You through DUI

criminal lawyer consultationA qualified Florida criminal defense attorney can be a great resource in defending charges of driving under the influence. Even with one the repercussions can be stiff so why risk it?

No one goes out for a night on the town planning to be arrested for driving under the influence. Unfortunately, sometimes that is how the evening ends and in some instances that leads to being pulled over and charged with drinking and driving. The thought of going to court facing significant fines and potentially losing the right to is just the beginning of the potential trouble. Some think that these issues are not very serious and will opt not to spend money on a criminal defense attorney. That is a bad decision. The benefits of having a good lawyer are more than worth the minor amount of money that it is necessary to pay to have him. You can check out

To begin with in many states and cities the penalty for DUI is not just a hefty fine but jail time also. On top of that there is almost always court imposed treatment and alcohol counseling. A Florida criminal defense attorney will work hard to avoid jail time for his client and in some instances can decrease fines. This is no small matter when one realizes that the fine for a DUI is close to $5,000 and jail time for a first offense is anywhere from 90 to 180 days. That is just for a first time offender. Subsequent violations of the law lead to exponentially worse punishments and often even more serious repercussions. On top of the fines there are court fees and treatment costs and soon the hourly rate and retainer of a lawyer seem to be looking better and better.

legal counsellingFor some who are confident in their ability to avoid jail and reduce their fines the worst part is that most states mandate that an offender’s driver’s license must be suspended. That is not even just for convictions. Most of these jurisdictions have implemented a zero tolerance policy that means that anyone who blows over the legal limit loses their license for up to and including six months. Being able to drive is not a luxury but a necessity to a lot of people. Having to go without is not an option and so now the repercussions are going to begin being felt in personal lives when they have to start altering their life to fit their punishment.

Not every criminal defense attorney is going to be able to get every client out of all of the trouble they have gotten themselves into. The fact is that a person who is charged with driving under the influence should not take the matter lightly. It can have lasting and devastating effects that will leave ripples throughout life. In order to get the best result and to ensure the best outcome it is necessary to hire a Florida criminal defense attorney that is skilled in this type of charge and retain their services for the duration of the process.

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